I visited a Christian forum on the Internet where there was a thread on ‘female deacons.'[1] Some argy bargy was there to read between traditionalists who oppose female deacons and those who are open to another view from Scripture. The latter are sometimes called progressives. I would prefer to use the terminology, ‘They let the plain meaning of Scripture speak for itself’ when interpreted in context..

If you have three minutes, watch this video for perspective on the numbers:What got my attention during our conversation and from the paper is that maternal causes are the number one killer of girls age 15 19 in developing countries. It reminded me of a conversation we had with photographer Stephanie Sinclair, who has made it part of her life work to chronicle child marriages. Campaign to empower teen girls..

I Fiumi di Porpora + Il Sesto Senso + La Zona Morta: ecco i singoli elementi che, uniti, conducono alla prima escursione nel paranormale dell’ex enfant prodige del cinema francese, sempre affascinato dalle luci della ribalta hollywoodiane. Kassovitz propone una messa in scena asciutta ed essenziale, senza abuso di effetti speciali, affidandosi a vecchi trucchi del mestiere per atterrire lo spettatore. Il ritmo della storia, che almeno fino al prefinale, mantiene una discreta suspance ed incertezza, si mantiene serrato e l’ottima fotografia di Mattew Libatique garantisce una resa particolarmente felice nelle scene più terrorizzanti.

These articles, covering various aspects of Land Use Diversification for Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture, have been arranged into five sections: (a) Diversification: Need of the Hour, (b) Natural Resources Dynamics, (c) Alternate Land Uses, (d) Case Studies, and (e) Capacity Building. Each of the articles is highly informative and it is hoped that this book will give an interesting insight into the varied rainfed agriculture related problems in India. It highlights the possible measures?sustainable management of land and water resources, land use diversification, alternate land uses based on climate, soil and crop suitability, etc.?that would help increase the cropland as well as crop and fodder production in rainfed areas.

Quando gli chiedevano quali fossero i ruoli nei quali maggiormente si identificava, lui rispondeva immancabilmente: Sono tanti. Nell’ordine, Atticus Finch, Atticus Finch, Atticus Finch e ancora Atticus Finch. Diceva così anche nello stupendo documentario che Barbara Kopple gli ha dedicato nel 1999, Conversation with Gregory Peck.